Four horsemen

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The four horsemen ride across the midnight sky. Only the northern lights guide them on their way to eternity. Do you dare to accompany them on their brutal path to battle?

The four horsemen is the strongest, most brutal chili challenge we have ever produced. 16 Carolina reapers hide under a thin cover of dark and white chocolate. To beat this challenge, you must overcome all four. that is, 64 of the world's strongest chilies. this is a trubo way to eat reapers, it will be hard on your body and hit like a sledgehammer.

Rules: You chew a skull and swallow. it must not be melted but can be eaten in several bites. after the last piece is swallowed, a two-minute afterburn follows. the next skull must not be started until two minutes have passed.

Due to the extreme nature of the product, we require that you who buy are over 18 years old and an experienced chili eater with a high tolerance level. This will be decided by our management in consultation with outside experts before you can order this challenge.

So you had to give the four dead kings a tribute: Your proof of your worthiness.

You must have overcome any or al of the following challenges: Insanity, pure Insanity, pure Insanity x2, Nemisis bar, or similar "league of fire" challenges with flying colors and submit video or screenshot on league of fire table as proof of your worthiness. (we are not part of the league yet, but follow their rules and restrictions)

When we have checked that you can handle this product in a safe and responsible manner, you will receive an email confirming that you are entitled to shop.

Due to te extreme nature of this product, it has its own score board. one skull gives 16 points, and you get points even if you cant eat all 4 skulls. In order for the score to be valid, you must: submit a video when the challenge is completed. you must also be able to show that you accept the challenge responsibly. (ie not on an empty stomach, under the influence of alcohol or drugs and so on) and that you are not alone in accepting the challenge. (the person must wave to us in the camera) you must have someone present who can help you if necessary, we recommend first aid person.

you pay your tribute to: [email protected]

content: Carolina Reaper, chocolate mass, milk powder, vailla, cocoa butter, browned butter, milkprotein, sugar, cream, soy lecetin

score board:

James Kloepper 18 skulls: 108p

Sewart Tarnas 4 skulls: 64p

Johnny scoville 4 skulls: 64p

Magnus Johansson 3 skull : 48p